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With hotels available to suit every person and every budget look no further than {agency-name} for your getaway this year! From high-end luxury to cheap hotels, if you're young, young at heart, a family, going solo or as a couple you can take your pick from a huge range of destinations and accommodation levels to suit your unique holiday needs. We've got your hotel choice covered if you're searching for something special too!

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You're looking for a City Break?
How to pack for it | Tips & Tricks

What to pack for a city break? Light, is the main thing. First up, always check the weather forecast. It sounds obvious but the downside of the duration of a weekend trip is a perk when it comes to packing. If it's set to pour, leave the shorts at home. If it's set to be blazing, scary as it sounds, coats away and a light jacket will suffice.

Where are you going? What will you be doing? Most items can double and even triple up. A good pair of jeans or relaxed tailored trousers will see you through almost anything, as will a well-cut shirt. Throw in a jacket, culottes, a silk t-shirt and dress, you've got yourself a fair few outfits to mix and match. As for shoes, one flat pair you can walk around in, like a sneaker or sandal (if it'll definitely be sunny. Toes out in the rain is a no-no). And an optional pair of heels. Make them an on-trend midi to be on the safe side.

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